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Retirement Living

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Retirement living is changing; there’s a new resident from a different background and generation opting for retirement living. Good design principles to facilitate independence and ageing in place still apply, but we also meet the expectations of this new customer and the type of environment and communications their requirements demand.

A hallmark of de Fiddes Design is our continued quest to keep abreast of the latest innovations in design.  The way we now design for retirement living is, we believe, the future of living.  A collaboration of design, architecture and innovation in build materials has seen the birth of Podz Apart, a truly flexible home design to allow true ageing in place.

We think about the living environment for now but also design for what may be needed in the future.  The Podz Apart open plan design has the aesthetic of an apartment and a flexible internal structure that allows for easy modifications and care as you age, built with the highest of environmental standards.

Benefits of this future design concept include:

  • A bathroom that is large enough to be wheelchair friendly, with seating and room for a career to help with showering

  • A toilet that can be upgraded easily to include hand rails

  • The kitchen is designed in modules that slipped out to accommodate a wheelchair friendly modified unit

  • A bedroom connection to the living space and alfresco areas, with space for hoists should someone become bedridden

  • Level flooring

  • Wider doorways

Contact us for a presentation on this innovative new design concept that can be adapted to a retirement village environment or an apartment build.